Detective agency in Ukraine – the protection of non-governmental organization of citizens’ rights.

In many countries, including the United States, the Ministry of Justice established the Department of assistance to victims of crime, and in European countries, there are non-governmental organizations, the main task of which is to provide legal and financial or practical assistance to this category. With the adoption of the new draft law on “On private detectivedetective agency in Ukraine could become a good alternative to non-governmental organizations to protect the rights of citizens from crime.

detective agency in Ukraine

To ensure compliance with these measures is also necessary to determine the sources of the State Fund of assistance to victims of crime. In our opinion, its funding in the first place should be subject to deductions as a result of the confiscation of property from criminals, which would require adjustments in the processing of the draft state budget. In addition, the Fund may be replenished by charity and sponsorship.

When deciding on the establishment of the State Fund of assistance to victims of crime should also be guided by the European Convention on compensation to victims of criminal offenses (24.11.1983r., M. Strasbourg) and the Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, UN General Assembly (40 session , 1985.).

Currently, in many countries, including Europe, the question of the introduction in the criminal trial of restorative justice programs. In this connection, it is also necessary to consider the appropriateness of the application and in our country this procedure, as in the practice of pre-trial investigation is not rare are cases in which the victims, after compensation for suffered minor crimes pecuniary damage, to petition the closure of criminal proceedings and the release of offenders from criminal liability.

Implementation of the provisions of Art. 3 of the Constitution requires the compliance of the criminal proceedings with the protection standards of the rights and freedoms of persons affected by the criminal assault, ensure compensation for the damage caused by the crime and the execution of the sentence of confiscation of property.

Detective agency in Ukraine, is an alternative to non-governmental organizations to protect the rights of citizens from crime and to introduce it in practice need only the political will of the legislator

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