Are Ukrainian dating agencies a scam?

ukrainian dating agencies scam

If you ask yourself this question you have been in contact with one of them…

Let’s face the truth. There is the need of that kind of service and there are those who provide it. And this kind of service usually involves money and gifts. And money is a magnet for scammers.

There are honest agencies and there are agencies that make fake profiles and have your money as their only goal. But even you faced honest dating or marriage agency, there are always women and girls who can be dishonest.

Let us provide you one of the examples of Ukrainian dating agency scam we faced with.

Ukrainian dating agency scam example

Our detective agency was contacted by an American, let’s call him John. He spent 6 months and about $5k on Ukrainian dating website talking to different girls. For last 3 months he was chatting to a girl name Alina.

At the beginning of their online dating Alina seemed to be quite a good girl. According to her profile she lived in Kiev with her parents and use to be the student in Kiev Polytechnic University.

John and Alina became friends and were chatting every day. One day Alina disappeared for 1 week. After that week she contacted John again and said her mother was in the hospital and needed serious surgery. John offered his help and Alina accepted $2500 support towards her mother’s surgery. After that John started to have doubts. He found our website and asked to check on Alina.

After 3 days of investigation we found out that Alina was a scammer. The website John used was a website of reliable dating agency, but Alina (whose real name was Helena) took advantage of good reputation of that agency and used that reputation for her own benefit.

We managed to find out where Helena lived, her telephone number and confirmed that she did not live with her parents and her mother did not have any surgery.

We provided detailed information to John and asked him to contact Ukrainian police. He decided not to do that. He just called Helena and told her everything he thought about her… Well, it was his choice.

What to do if you thin you became a victim of scammer from Ukraine?

1. Stop sending the money!
2. Please, contact us and let us help you!

Sincerely yours,
Detective Agency “Expert”

ukrainian dating agencies scam – 2016

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