Comprehensive psychological examination of the reliability of evidence

(psychological examination using a computer polygraph & psychological examination of video materials of investigative actions)

Is it possible to expertly establish (deny or confirm) the reliability of the testimonies of suspects, witnesses or victims? This question is quite popular within criminal proceedings, where it is necessary to establish: did the person under investigation experience the event he actually described? Or has he fully or partially fabricated the information he reports? With us you can by expertise receive answers to these questions.
The scientific basis of such studies includes advanced methods of psychology and psychophysiology that meet international standards of validity. Our experts have successfully conducted a significant number of such studies and worked  in the courts in various regions of Ukraine. The complexity of these studies and the features of special knowledge narrow the circle of specialists who can conduct such an examination to a fairly narrow circle.
As a rule, this study is commissioned and conducted by two experts. An expert psychologist and an expert polygraph examiner can reliably establish the psychological reliability of the testimony of a examinee and answer the following questions:

  1.  Are there any psychological signs of reliability or inaccuracy in the testimony of the subject recorded on the video recording of his interrogation (investigative experiment and other investigative (search) actions)?
  2. Does the examinee independently or non-independently present testimony during the interrogation (investigative experiment and other investigative (search) actions) recorded on the video with his participation?
  3. Was there an unacceptable psychological impact exposed over examinee during the interrogation (investigative experiment and other investigative (search) actions) recorded on the video with his participation?
  4. Are the verbal statements of the examinee consistent with his physiological reactions that were recorded during the study using a polygraph?

Specific issues are discussed and approved by agreement of the parties.

For commissioning of such an comprehensive expert investigation, it is preferable to have video materials of investigative actions in which the testimony of the examinee is recorded. Subsequently, an examinee, as part of this examination, undergoes a special interview procedure and subsequent polygraph testing. The complexity of this study, the considerable complexity of the work of experts is offset by the receipt of high-quality, scientifically-based and clearly formulated conclusions that will have a significant impact on the formation of the opinion of the court.

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