Fill in the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev.

Fill in the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev.

Today, many people want to move to Canada or the United States. Therefore, periodically we began to contact people that would fill in the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev, it is necessary to check on the files of the FBI.

In many cases, we are approached by people who have been denied because of poor form filling, usually they tried to make fingerprinting alone or together with people who do not know features of form filling FD 258.

The reason of refusal, as a rule, indicate the wrong density tenprints. Download form tenprints and review the requirements, you can online FBI or clicking on this link standard-fingerprint-form-fd-258-1. Under tenprints density is not always necessary to have in view of the density of a paper form, which must comply with the requirements of more than 120 g / m, but the densities of prints of fingers. As a rule, it turns out in violation of the requirements for fingerprinting, this is not the degreasing of the fingers or the use of incorrect fingerprint paste.

If desired, you can purchase forms FD 258 in the online store, such as “Amazon”, but look what you have not been deceived, because form must be exact size as indicated on the FBI website to have a crop with a bevel angle at the top left, and fingerprinting paint should be evenly applied to the form (you can not use ink or dye for seals and stamps. In principle to purchase a one-time equipment and forms are not rationally exploring market prices and you will come to the conclusion that it is easier and cheaper to turn to our detective agency in Kiev experts, who will be happy to help you fill out the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev.

How do the fingerprint registered in Ukraine and other countries:

Fingerprint registration function in the State Research forensic center of Ukraine (hereinafter – GNIEKTS) Research and Forensic Center (hereinafter NIEKTS) for the use of fingerprint information for the identification, disclosure and investigation of crimes.
Fingerprint surveys are designed to:

  •  Tracing people who were lost in;
  •  The establishment by unidentified human personality;
  •  Confirm the identity of the person who was previously fingerprint;
  •  Identification of the person that left fingerprints at the scene;
  •  Establish the facts of leaving traces of one person hands in the commission of various crimes.

Fingerprint registration consists of:
– Daktilokartotek – tenprints array;
– Sledotek – registration cards traces of hands, seized during the inspection of the scene (hereinafter – MLE) on the facts of unsolved crimes and disappearances of people.
Types daktilokartotek and sledotek:
– Central;
– Regional;
– Bush;
– Local.
Each NDEKTS equipped place for fingerprinting, which provides the necessary regulatory and methodological materials and technical means to carry it out.

Making tenprints forms on thick white paper weighing not less than 120 g / m.

Fill in the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev

Fill in the form FD 258, fingerprinting in Kiev -2017

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