Marriage swindlers, check of a girl, or a guy in Kiev Ukraine

Marriage swindlers, check of a girl or a guy in Kiev, Ukraine. Quite often out Detective Agency, is contacted by people who have a long-term virtual relationship on a Dating site or communication on marriage sites.

As a rule, scammers are good psychologists and carefully probe the gullible victim before starting to get money out of his pocket.

Marriage scams can have multiple social media profiles and process multiple candidates at once. While scammers are often good actors and come up with real-life stories, so catch them in detail and find out a lie is almost impossible.

Stories to lure money are primitive, for example, the most popular top:
  1. A phone  was stolen and no money to buy and a victim must  buy one in order to stay in touch and communicate further, preferably the latest iPhone;
  2. someone got sick and the relatives needed money for medical treatment or immediate surgery;
  3. Scummers ask to send money for the road, visa, etc.
Primitive scammers often reveal their goals at once, quite often they fail on small details, such as usage of not own photos, but photos of models or little-known actors. And they stop communicating immediately, as soon as they not getting what they want.

In our practice were discovered scummers of a higher level. In such a cases crooks went to the expensive resorts or to expensive  recreational or sporting areas, where they familiarised themselves with wealthy people. Sometimes, in collusion with other persons,  they took possession of the estate and even the business of their victim. They were using fake documents to cover their tracks.

Quite often marriage swindlers are put under people by business partners and even companions, previously having soiled (having compromised them) that they would be on a hook and operated by the patrons. The idea to use weaknesses in the fight against competitors is not quite new.

It is no secret that almost all special services of the world have specially trained guys and girls who are capable of much to accomplish the task.

Therefore, clients, turning to us, and asking the cost of checking a guy or a girl, cannot immediately get a full answer on the price and timing, as it is difficult for us to calculate how many resources and time we can spend on this investigation.

As a rule, we recommend to divide all investigations into stages:
  • – on the first stage we recommend to establish the correct data of the person, to carry out identification of the personality.
  • – the second step is to collect information about the person.
  • – and already the third stage of investigation consists of the organization of tactically operational combination for receiving answers to all questions.

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Marriage scams, check girl, guy Kiev Ukraine-2018

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