Private detective in Kiev Ukraine – assistance to the investigating units.

Private detective in Kiev Ukraine – assistance to the investigating units.

The situation in the field of crime investigation continues to be difficult. Negative processes that began a decade ago and already quite complicated this area of ​​state activity continues. Unabated flow investigators with investigative work, but most of all law enforcement agencies.

Position investigating yesterday’s students use as a temporary (1-2 years) a place that allows you to “sit out” period spent on looking for work, getting identified skills and acquaintances for care in commercial structures. As a result, professionals consider a three-year investigation experience. And even those left not much is really experienced investigators – generally unit.

This is even more dangerous that kind of experience, “which allows you to find and use similar solutions, successful in the past,” is extremely important during specific investigations. There are significant not only knowledge but also skills, prevailing stereotypes of behavior that quickly provide answers to questions that arise in the course of the investigation.

Moreover, many investigators have not only higher, but also secondary special education; their formation visible parts are not legal. In this respect, knowledge and skills in investigation tactics, many investigators generally available. In their production, they think, are trying to fill this deficiency by using common sense and experience. The last are usually a bad tool, correlations in them, usually no reasonable, formed by chance. Therefore, the “healthy” speculation in the absence of any initial plan ready for such unproductive investigation.

So each year we are losing human resources. For 6 months of this year dropped from investigative units 55 employees last year were the work of 103 specialist. The reasons for dismissal investigative s high workload and low wages. In comparison with colleagues from other departments police “Pathfinders” significantly incarcerated in social rights. Although procedural provisions investigating the same for all human rights bodies. But Judge: prosecutors receive salaries 2-3 times higher than our experts the same level. Each year investigation departments go 18% of lawyers, mainly in advocacy, and commercial security companies or a private detective in Kiev Ukraine, which paid more. And it’s not the only problem. Currently a law degree with 36% of the police investigation.

Concern is also continued reform of the judicial system. Law enforcement is extremely in need of new, normal operating instruments. Investigators literally cry from archaic norm- criminal procedural law. Just one example: The current CCP actually enables such delay criminal proceedings (for example, when reviewing records of the case the accused and his lawyer), that page in its volumes pozhovknut and witnesses forget details of events and conditions change and not in the interests of justice.

In addition, as has been repeatedly noted, the rights of suspects and defendants significantly exceed the amount of the rights of victims and witnesses. It also uskloadnyuye process of proving the guilt of the perpetrator. After all, the Constitution all doubt the guilt of the accused must be used in his favor.

Take, for example, crimes related to illicit drugs or weapons. Effective struggle against them is simply impossible without a flexible procedural law. First, we need adjustments in the participation of witnesses in the operational-investigative actions, seizure of drugs or weapons, research and expertise.

With movies and books we know that the investigation leading countries in its work using the most advanced special equipment, forensic equipment and computer technology for the detection and investigation of crimes. If our foreign colleagues could see a set of technical means used slidchymypidrozdilamy Ukraine think they would just not believe that such “arsenal” can generally disclose any crimes. Investigators lacks basic: paper, transport, photo and video equipment, office, not to mention computers, recorders, etc. Most of our people are still working on their computers or old.

And, of course, very frustrating to see that criminals use in their unlawful activity latest achievements of domestic and foreign technology.

The above maximum exacerbates the need to develop approaches to immediately answer the majority of questions that arise both in preparation and in the course of any investigative action.

In view of the above there and more and more aggravated pressing problems: the need for tools that provide such schemes prepared and concisely set out practical recommendations. The latter should apply only to the specific circumstances of the planned investigative action, consider investigating the situation before it starts, another source information.

Private detective in Kiev UkrainePrivate detective in Kiev Ukraine – assistance to the investigating units.




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