Protection of property (safety and security).

Protection of property – a set of measures to ensure the development of any business, not just the security of businesses and personal lives of its employees, managers and business owners.

The main principle of work – early warning and prevention of potential risks of the Client.

Objective – To ensure the safety of property and protect the interests of our clients.

Ways to ensure the protection of property vary from person protection (security guards) to high-tech equipment, which controls the object of protection from the front door to the computer network (the system of technical security and information protection).

The company’s mission of our company – to provide each client an individual package of services for the protection of their property and interests.

Short list of services provided by us together with our partners:

Provide security measures of any kind of complexity:
– The protection of objects of all forms of ownership and complexity;
– The protection of objects with the use of sniffer dogs;
– Maintenance of goods and material values;
– Emergency assistance;
– Protection and maintenance of order different events;
– Patrols and perimeter security;
– Protection of natural persons (bodyguards).
Design, installation and maintenance of technical security systems:
– Development and implementation of security projects;
– Integrated security system;
– Operational system and handsfree support systems;
– Project burglar alarm;
– Project of fire alarm and fire suppression systems;
– The transfer of the project to the examination bodies in a legally Ukraine;
– CCTV, intercom, video surveillance;
– Access control system;
– Protection of information systems;
– Vandal-proof system;
– Consumer safety systems (sensors of flooding, gas leak detectors);
– Consultancy specialist companies;
– Expert examination of the object of the company (if necessary);
– Development of recommendations to improve reinforced objects.

Protection of property

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Protection of property – 2016

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