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Search of people (scams) by phone number. Today in Ukraine it is difficult to find a person who does not use a cell phone. The appearance of mobile devices, hardware and software equipment, new variations of the “smart phones” with a large amount of possibilities constantly improve. The benefit of contactless means of communication in our lives is undeniable, but we should always remember the other side (downside) of the process that the representatives of the criminal world also actively explore the field of mobile communications, implementing various crime schemes.

There are several reasons:

  • The owner of a valuable (expensive) “gadget” is a potential victim of all sorts of crimes -from theft to violent attack. People should always remember that the demonstration of wealth and expensive devices always provokes persons with thieving intentions.
  • Money on the mobile users accounts is often the subject of stealing. The so-called permission of the individual to provide his mobile data connection gives the criminals access to the money on the bank account of the subscriber. Anyone can become a victim of such fallacy. Most of the actions of criminals can be covered by the term fraud (a crime envisaged by article 190 of the Criminal code of Ukraine), but can be displayed in a different way.

Cell phone is the object, which can be detected with a sufficiently high confidence level. We are talking about information stored in the phone memory, the so-called IMEI, a digital code which is unique for every device. This circumstance can be used as a proof that mobile device belongs to the victim (for example, if such device is fraudulently taken over by another person) and as evidence of fraud using the phone.

One of criminalistic features  of this type of fraud is using mobile communication technologies to seize property of others.

For example, such a scheme of fraud: the person calls from an unlisted number and holds himself out as Bank employee. Usually the fraudsters know personal information about the victim: name, father’s name, and the Bank, where the account is opened and under various causes, such as blocked account, or verification, the scammers ask you to tell them certain personal information, clarify phone number, ask to specify the credit card number and the P.I.N. Number. Fraud scheme is to obtain money from the owner’s account.

As a basis for initiating of a criminal case could be considered an application by the individual about the fact of committing a fraud. The main tactical task for the initiation of an investigation is to locate and identify a fraud. Most of these tasks become complicated because of the fact that the victim does not have any information about the cheater’s location, especially when it is about  taking money electronically, but has only information about the mobile number from which a crook called. It is important to know the beginning and the end of the fraudulent act, its continuously over a period of time. Time allows to determine the order and development of different phenomenon in time.

On this example, there are difficulties in disclosing of such crimes: there is insufficient information on the person who committed the fraud, though there is some information about the fact and the circumstances of the crime, so Our Agency will help You to Search people (scams) by phone number.

Search people (scams) on the mobile number the 2018

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