The cost of the private detective service in Kiev, Ukraine.

The cost of the private detective service in Kiev, Ukraine depends on various factors, such as the costs of their implementation (transportation costs, telephones, payment of information, other operational costs arising in the course of the task) and the fees of the private detective.

For this, as a rule, detectives begin their work after making an advance (50% advance payment).

The detective agency “Expert” develops an individual approach to the solution of each problem, calculating the costs for the most effective method or complex of measures for solving the problem.

Therefore, when specifying the price, without details (circumstances of the case), we can orient, only at an average price for similar services based on the practice and the market of detective services.

And only after a preliminary study of the case and the preparation of an individual proposal, we can apply flexibility in pricing.

At the same time, we guarantee you complete confidentiality, with any result of our cooperation.

This means that if something does not suit you or the price does not work, you can refuse at any stage, the dialogue will remain between us.

Most often we are contacted by the following services:

  • Search for people with whom communication has been lost,
  • Checking a girl or boyfriend,
  • Search for a page in a social network (VK, ОК, FB or on a dating site,
  • Installation of the subscriber by phone number,
  • Conducting investigations,
  • Collection of information about a natural or legal person,
  • Verification of a business partner (counterparty),
  • Carrying out of examinations and researches,
  • Check on polygraph,
  • Surveillance, counter-observation,
  • Accompanied by a bodyguard.

At the same time We calculated that the cost of one hour of work of a group of detectives, with all the costs is $ 50.

For this, for example, the price for identifying a person on a page in a social network (VC, OK, FB) or on a dating site can range frThe cost of the private detective service in Kiev, Ukraineom $ 50 to $ 150.

The same cost in the case of three hours of counter-surveillance – $ 150.

Naturally, the cost decreases if the number of working hours increases, but you can evaluate and calculate everything individually by studying the problem.

If you want to find out the cost of the private detective service in Kiev, Ukraine call Us or write to e-mail or Viber.

The cost of the private detective service in Kiev, Ukraine – 2017

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