The project of the law describing detective services

According to the article 12 of the project of “The Law of Ukraine about detective activities” following services (which are not prohibited by the law) are allowed:

Article 12. Types of detective services that may be provided by subjects of private detective (search) activities

1. Private detective (investigative) activity is carried out with the purpose of searching, collecting and recording of information, searching for objects, property, people and animals, establishing facts and clarifying different circumstances by the order of the customer and in accordance with the contract on the provision of private detective (search) services .

  1. To achieve this objective, private detective (search) entities provide private detective (search) services using tools and methods not prohibited by law.
  2. The following types of private detective (search) services are allowed:

1) the collection, recording and research of information necessary for the consideration of cases in civil, economic, administrative and criminal proceedings, on a contractual basis with the parties of the trial;

2) market research, search and collection of information from open sources for the purpose of preparing business negotiations of the customer, clarification of financial solvency, property status and reliability of potential business partners;

3) clarification of the biographical and other data characterizing a person in relation to individual citizens (in their written consent) when they conclude employment contracts and other contracts with the customer of private detective (searching) services (occupying the corresponding vacant position), identifying their business ties, including with competitors of the customer, in Ukraine and abroad;

4) search for persons whose location is unknown, to find out the reasons and circumstances of their disappearance, the possibilities and conditions for their return, the search for persons who have lost family or friendship;

5) the search for the disappeared (lost or stolen) property, objects and animals;
6) implementation of measures for the reproduction of lost (disappeared) information on legal rights and interests of the customer;

7) the search and collection of data that may be the reason or basis for the client to address private detective services to law enforcement agencies or to court in order to protect his legitimate rights and interests;

8) revealing the facts of illegal (unauthorized) collection in order to use information, which constitute commercial secret of the customer, or their disclosure, as well as facts of illegal (unauthorized) collection of confidential information concerning individuals;

9) the search, detection and recording of the facts of the illegal use of intellectual property rights belonging to the customer, as well as cases of unfair competition;

10) search for debtors and persons who refuse to fulfill their contractual obligations;

11) ensuring the protection of information with restricted access (confidential, official, secret) of the customer of private detective (search) services.

  1. Subjects of private detective (search) activity may provide other detective services not prohibited by law.

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