Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard services. Our company has more than 10 years, offers professional services of personal protection of individuals on the territory of Ukraine, as well as individuals of other countries who visit Ukraine for participation in conferences, workshops, business meetings, business, recreation, entertainment, and so on Dating. d.

Bodyguards are becoming increasingly popular, as the level of attacks on people is growing steadily.

The organization of physical protection lies many years of practical experience and the use of reliable international practices, so we are able to achieve a high level of performance of its obligations.

Bodyguard servicesThe scope of protection of individuals includes a wide range of services, one of which – personal protection.

The main objective of the bodyguard – outdoor security, which serves as a warning factor and in many cases causes to change the actions of the attacker.

Bodyguards of our company have the skills of psychological work, as well as quick response to correctly assess the situation and to take rapid decisions, as well as highly confidential.

Our company offers individually for each customer several alternatives that allow bodyguards to carry out their professional duties.

At the same time we will choose a schedule and responsibilities bodyguard individually with each client. But, regardless of the option you choose protection, our company ensures strict adherence to its obligations and providing staff to protect you in any situation.

  Bodyguard Services in Kiev and Kiev region

  •  Support and protection of individuals in Kiev and Kiev region by car Client (possible selection of car brands for customer’s request our employees).
  • Meeting bodyguards our company clients at the airport “Borispol”, “Juliani” station with further support and protection.
  • Support and protection of the family members of the Client (a trip to the shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs).
    – Support and protection of clients’ children (pre-school education, school, training courses, gym).
  • Client support and protection when transporting material assets (commercial transactions, expensive purchases, etc.).

Mode bodyguards customer can choose their own:

  •  Hourly Mode: Personal protection is granted at the time of events.
  •  Normalized mode: bodyguards are with customers throughout the working day. (8:00)
  •  Non-stop: bodyguard protects the customer within 24 hours
  • Based on many years of experience, our company encourages customers to order outfit of two bodyguards for the most effective implementation of the protection of an individual.


Maintenance and physical security of the Client may be carried out on the customer’s vehicle, and the vehicle of our company.

The cost of one hour of car maintenance (client can pre-order the car to choose from – make, model, color) is discussed separately, the minimum order of 8 hours.

As you need bodyguard services, please contact us.

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