Detection of forgery.

Detection of forgery. The experts – criminologists are able to recognize different ways of changing the figurative content of the documents, although it quite attackers used sophisticated techniques. To detect forgeries in documents widely used methods of scientific – research photos, modern physical and chemical methods.

When using genuine fake documents of blank forms, which have made the appropriate changes, erasures, posts, fragments of destroyed records etching or rinsing.

But completely destroy the documents recording impossible. Almost always with forgery destroyed or discolored Krasitel and paste discolored components are composed of paper.

Photographic, physical, and chemical methods can make visible strokes destroyed records that survived. This can be achieved by strengthening the photographic contrasts.

Photographing documents for special, especially contrasting materials, using appropriate filters, mode display of photographs, can detect washed away, vytsvivshy records.

Fact digestion document and content text etched priority established in studies of the area in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Microscopic studies in different lighting conditions, diffuse – photocopier method photography in reflected infrared light, using electronic – computing, converting and laser – television systems are used to detect invisible, soaked, licked, worn, crossed items, stamps and stamps.

Images in the field of high frequency current can detect not clear distinctive footprints pressed handwritten and “slaughtered” typewritten texts, even differentiate and identify new printing machines, photovoltaic profiling is used to determine the sequence of drawing strokes of handwriting and signatures, seals and stamps prints.

Detection of forgery

Detection of forgery 2017

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