The history of hockey.

Sometimes people do not want to believe what does not want to hear and know the truth. The detective Agency “Expert” has called a man, let’s call it “ice hockey”. He said he is concerned about the behavior of his wife recently. She blocked the phone password and constantly rewritten with someone on the Internet and in the evening, she is scheduled to meet with a girlfriend that “hockey player” did not know.

Vladislav Agency Administrator suggested the meeting and observe the behavior of his wife.

After three hours, the group was already under surveillance parade and is expected to yield wife “hockey”, 40 minutes from the front left and to the right object to his Mitsubishi Colt parked next to the house and sat in the car and started driving. In the metro station “Heroes of Dnepr” to her sat a young man with a bouquet of flowers and a package which could be seen from the neck of the bottle of wine.

Together they continued to move in the direction of the street “Heroes of Stalingrad”, having left on a vacant lot for Obolon they parked car in the bushes. After some time, a small car began to sway in cars including emergency gang. In dalnofokusny camera lens, 1000 times magnification were recorded passionate hugs and kisses.

After the call has been made to the client with an offer to drive up to the place, but the nerves client did not survive, and it is at that moment his wife scored.

After the bell woke lovers began to look around the sides. Wife “hockey” has got a car and started to move, leave the vacant lot on the Avenue “Heroes of Stalingrad”, then slowing down the speeding, driving a red traffic light, turning in a circular motion, and sometimes stopping in front page prospectus. In agreement with the customer decided to leave unattended objects and bring the footage to the client. View photo and video report, “hockey”, said okay, he talked with his wife, she really met an employee from work and decided to have a drink with him wine and promised to be home soon.

He told her that her car had seen their common acquaintances, and called him. Later, “hockey” more than once appealed to the agency, but the work has not been like watching, and control over his wife. History does not in any way aimed at the moral condemnation of anyone else, because everyone is entitled to decide how to maintain relationships and family and everyone to have to answer in the future for their actions.

detective Agency "Expert"

detective Agency “Expert” – 2016

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