Surveillance in Kiev and Ukraine.

If you need to determine what the person for some time, his contacts and meetings, the day’s schedule and lifestyle, an unofficial place of work or address a rented apartment, as well as other information that can be obtained only follow him, come to the aid our detectives.

SurveillanceSurveillance is carried out only in public places, without infiltration of private property. The average cost of 12 hours of observation of the object by two of the crew (4 persons,
two cars) – $ 370 hourly rate of $ 60 per hour. The amount of time the forces and means of our experts you calculate after consultation.

Cost Surveillance outside Kiev, pay at the same rate, but with a taking into account the cost of gasoline and travel.

At the end of the work you will get a detailed report to the minute movement chronology video and photo fixing. Our specialists work with professional photos video equipment. Attention, at night in poorly lit areas pictures and video quality may not be achieved.

To get started, we need to monitor advance payment of 50% of the information about the object (or other photo
identifying information, car number, address of residence or principal point of beginning the work, such as out of office).

The minimum lead time from start to start work 3:00 in the presence of
incoming information and payment.

If you do not have the initial information our staff will help you to collect it. Call for more detailed consultation to each order an individual approach and flexible system of prices.

Services detective Agency, private detective in Kiev and Ukraine.

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surveillance, (observation, supervision, monitoring, stakeout, tracking)

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