Investigation with the use of polygraph (lie detector).

Investigation with the use of polygraph (lie detector). In the modern developing worlds  almost every ordinary citizen knows about the polygraph or so-called “lie detector“. In brief understanding, you can interpret this concept as a device that gives you the opportunity to verify the accuracy of information.

This is the basis of the polygraph. Due to the changes of the cardiovascular system and psyche of the organism, the reaction of nerve impulses, with a clear human response to specific questions, you can determine at what point he speaks not the truth.

Investigation with the use of polygraph (lie detector)is Now in Ukraine introduced a polygraph test for persons applying for positions of civil servants who pass the integrity test.

In many developed countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, Israel polygraph is officially recognized and used in criminal proceedings and at the stage of investigation. And the indicators of the polygraph are used in the Higher courts and greatly facilitate the investigation.
In our opinion, investigation of a polygraph (lie detector) needed in our country in criminal and civil proceedings.
Using the polygraph as the primary method of interrogation of the suspect, would promptly be clearly understood if the person to the crime or not. If involved, then find out the reasons, intentions and circumstances of the offence.

During the interrogation of a witness by means of the polygraph revealed the veracity of his testimony (this is very important currently, because witnesses are often intimidated or bribed, and they change immediately or do not give truthful testimony), as well as the possible consequences of involvement, collusion or defaming the suspect.

When questioning the victim for a polygraph could be more details to find out all the circumstances of the crime, the reasons that could trigger a suspect to commit a crime.

Therefore, investigations using polygraph (lie detector) should be the primary method of interrogation of suspect, witness and victim in the criminal process.

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Investigation with the use of polygraph (lie detector) – 2017

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