Monitoring of competitors’ prices, analysis of the public e-procurement system “ProZorro”

Monitoring of competitors’ prices, analysis of the public e-procurement system “ProZorro” – one of the most important components of doing business. It is carried out in order to determine the competitiveness of the product supplied to the market. As a rule, the retail price is publicly available on the websites of manufacturers or representatives, but the price list for wholesale buyers, for example, such as government organizations, is not easy to get. Finding this information requires a lot of time.

We offer you monitoring of the public e-procurement system – “ProZorro”. This is complete and structured information about:
  • The range of wholesale prices of competitors (from the smallest to the largest)
  • Analytics of activities in the procurement system (nomenclature with which competitors have already worked, the list of tenders in which competitors participated)
  • A list of contractors (state structures), with whom the competitor has cooperated currently or in the past.

These services provide an opportunity to understand what prices competitors offer to customers of the “ProZorro” system, how auctions are conducted and with what state organizations they work more often.

In addition, it is possible to draw up a list of manufacturers with whom suppliers and dealers cooperate in the procurement system. Having received it, you will understand the level of quality of production which is delivered by the competitor, and also will open for yourself new work opportunities with producers in the market segment.

Also, we offer assistance in selection of tender purchases, relevant at the time of circulation. Set the criteria you need: areas that are convenient for you; contractors that you consider reliable; the range of products or services that you are working with, and we will provide comprehensive information on your request. In addition, if necessary, we can help you with the preparation of the tender proposal package for submission to “ProZorro” by providing advice with comments to the ready-made package of documents or even performing of complete preparation of the proposal.

By contacting us You will receive:
  • selected and structured information on competitors’ prices in public procurement
  • the nomenclature with which competitors work
  • a list of customers competitors cooperate/cooperated  with
  • list of manufacturers of products similar to Yours
  • assistance in preparing proposals in a format convenient for you
  • full responsibility for preparation of the bid

If you need a service: monitoring the prices of competitors, analysis of the procurement market “ProZorro” call or email us.

Monitoring the prices of competitors, analysis of the procurement market “ProZorro”- 2018

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