Parent controls for a child (teenager).

Parent controls for a child (teenager). Personal reflections on the issues of education, conflict of generations and information threats.

If something goes wrong, you must always go back to the beginning and see all again. Sometimes requires a view from another side.

Recently in social media was the news about the online community in the form of on-line games, which bringing teens to suicide. In response to the activities of dangerous groups in social networks, which bringing children to suicide, the parents explain how such groups can be identified and what will be next stepsin case if the child fell into the trouble,  and how to protect the child in this case.

Suicidal community called “The Sea of ​​whales” and “Silent House”. Fans of such communities in social networks call themselves “whale”, “Sea Whale” and “Silent House”. All the supporters of such groups on the personal pages are shown videos or pictures with flying whales.

To avoid let the children in these groups we have some recomendations:
  1.  Pay more attention to the psychological state of the child;
  2.  Check your child’s skin for signs of damage. I case of detection iof this – clarify cases, why those damages was appear. Pay more attention, if you found damage, which looks like whale;
  3.  Checking the accounts of the child records in social networks and groups,  monitoring the content of communication in private chat rooms;
  4.  Pay attention to the period of the child’s communication;
  5.  Try to take a child free time sporting or cultural sections;
  6.  Be sure to control which photos and videos posted in gadgets of the child;
  7.  Set the “parent control” on all gadgets of teenager.
If you find such groups on their own should also be reported immediately to the police or social networks to contact the administration in which the group has been found.

This news prompted us to think how much danger lurks, for our children, even when they are at home. The question is: How to protect children against information threats? Modern parents are busy with work and life, little time remains to communication and pastime with children. Balance and so little time to communicate with the child, in most cases, we spend on the imposition of the child template vectors or personally our ideas about the “bright future” training, career, training, behavior in society.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to the real interests of the child and his preferences, considering that this is not promising, unfashionable, etc. Personally, we are faced with examples where parents provide the best education, but the child did not realize. Conversely, when, in spite of, the doubts of the parents, the child received the support decided to switch from full-time to part-time education and work in photography, and in a few years has found recognition and began to earn more than their parents doing things you love.

In our personal opinion it is impossible to fully control a teenager, and it is not necessary, they should be your space, but we have to fill the void with joy and love of life and family, and the only way we can protect them. And this must be done by example, starting a fight, especially with them, their habits and fears.Parent controls for a child (teenager)

If you need the service of parental control over the child (teenager), we will help, but not your work with family, our services will not have the desired effect.



Parental controls for a child (teenager) – 2017

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