Private detective and forensics.

Private detective can not operate successfully without theoretical and methodological assistance, which is why forensics is science that helps in solving practical problems.

Forensic science has always proceeded from the concept of retrospective knowledge of events – past events as crime, which is determined as the environment, reflected in it, creating a set of tracks. In this connection, the problem detection and investigation of crimes mostly considered in the light of the problems found, exposure, extract, consolidate and study various traces of the crime and other sources.

The practice of fighting crime is constantly looking for a way out of the impasse prepared. Do not stand still i jurisprudence. Its mission – to analyze past i, simulating future perfect present.

We, the people of today have to look for ways composed of “dead-end situation” way out. Due to the rapid development of crime, i of decline, and to some extent the destruction of the legal culture of population, the goal of humanity – life in the rule of law will not be achieved unless designed structurally new techniques and methods to combat crime, i if the legal education of the population will not happen soon.

The modern world is changing rapidly evolving science and technology. However, developing the criminal world, new ways to make and conceal crimes. In this situation it is impossible without cooperation experience and science. But unfortunately, few private investigators engaged in scientific work and shared survey, as technical and tactical secrets or instructional techniques are well-known competitors.

Private detective

Private detective primarily focused on the market.

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