Private detective in Ukraine

Private detective in Ukraine, using 3D-proof detectives. Adopting experience of foreign colleagues and development of modern innovation, I want to consider the topic 3D-technologies.

3D-scanner – a special invention of a new generation that provides a virtual 3D-model of any object on the basis of volume data obtained after a scanning laser beam. After the process of 3D-scanning all the necessary information about the structure and form of the investigated object coming into the computer, where there is an analysis of the data and build an accurate computer model of the object. To view a virtual 3D-models can be used 3D-monitor to create a real 3D-model (in a reduced or enlarged scale) can be used 3D-printer, a device that uses the layered creation of a physical object based virtual 3D-model.

If, before the appearance of 3D-printers, we can print only two-dimensional images today – appeared possible to produce three-dimensional objects.
The whole set of objects that are created or can be created using modern 3D-technology and future use as evidence, defined as 3D-proof, which in turn are divided into virtual and physical.
By virtual 3D-evidence includes 3D-photography, 3D-video, and computer programs as a result of which there are 3D-image.

3D-proof as material objects, creating by using 3D-printers are divided into subgroups.
The first – the objects created with 3D-printers as objects of copyright.

The second group – the objects created during the expert investigations. You can bring an example: in bulk materials left should any subject, surround cast in the traditional way is impossible. But if you use a 3D-scanning technology, the future can be printed on 3D-printer in volume.

In the third subgroup are tangible evidence that there are objects that their appearance, characteristics, location or other criteria, can serve as a means of circumstances relevant to the case or they are instruments of crime or preserved traces of a crime. This is not the distant future, and present. To confirm this, will give a few examples.
English and German companies Bodowi and Churr produced handcuffs, which are equipped with unique keys. The technology is difficult to replicate in a highly industrial enterprise. Criminals have gone the other way – they started to print key pre-scanning originals in 3D-scanner.

Otherwise, American craftsmen produced an automatic pistol, most parts of which were printed using 3D-printer.
Although the technology to Ukraine a novelty in the near future, experts will develop techniques to study 3D-printers and 3D-models for an effective fight against crime.

Private detective in Ukraine

Private detective in Ukraine keeps pace with the modern techniques and technologies.

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