Research of handwriting (signature) in Kiev and Ukraine.

Research of handwriting (signature) in Kiev and Ukraine. An analysis of expert practice has shown that the number of multi-object handwriting examinations has increased significantly lately. A particularly large number of such examinations are conducted in connection with the investigation of cases of embezzlement of property.

Handwriting studies in general are very laborious and do away with the expert for a long time. Naturally, when receiving expertise with a large number of objects, the expert seeks to simplify the process of research.

But in a number of cases this is done due to a violation of the research methodology, which sometimes leads to erroneous conclusions. Some experts try to save time in drawing up conclusions, unnecessarily reducing them and thereby reducing the evidentiary value.

As a rule, the tables do not apply to the study, which are recommended for describing both the characteristics of the handwriting and the results of the comparative study.

There are also disadvantages when illustrating the results of multi-object examinations: photo tables are not compiled in all the necessary cases.

At the same time, experience shows that when working on multi-object materials of handwriting expertise, it is possible to reduce the unproductive labor time costs without reducing the quality of the conclusions.

This can be achieved by grouping documents in the process of research, fixing results with tables and the most convenient scheme for compiling conclusions and applications to them.

To multifaceted examinations it is customary to include such, in the course of which it is necessary to analyze twenty or more objects (both researched and pre-set as a comparative material).

Most often a large number of objects come for handwriting research of documents, especially the study of signatures.

When pro-production of such expert examinations, the expert can dispose of:

  •  A large number of objects to be investigated and the handwriting of one person (a small number of persons);
  • One or a small number of subjects to be examined and samples of the handwriting of many persons;
  • A large number of objects to be investigated and the content of the handwriting of a large number of persons.

In order to ensure a reliable solution of the questions posed on examinations with a large number of objects, special attention should be paid to the proper selection of the comparative material.

For each examination, regardless of the number of persons suspected of carrying out the researched manuscripts, or persons on whose behalf the signatures to be examined have been carried out, as a comparative material, the investigator must submit manuscripts as completed prior to the criminal case and not related to his investigation, And specially prepared for the purposes of comparative research.

Both free and experimental samples of handwriting or signatures should be kept in sufficient quantities for each verified person.

Research of handwriting (signature) in Kiev and Ukraine

The selection of handwriting samples should be given a great deal of knowledge.

Insufficient number of samples or availability of samples that do not meet the requirements significantly complicates the work of the expert.

Sometimes, as a comparative material, manuscripts or signatures made by persons whose initials do not coincide with the initials of persons on behalf of which the signatures subordinate to the investigation are submitted.

Refusal in such cases from resolving the issue on the merits can not be considered correct. It is required to carry out a comparative study in the usual way, but in conclusion to note the fact of the initials mismatching.

When checking materials submitted for examination with a large number of objects, serious attention should be paid to clarifying the details of the documents under study.

With a large number of documents sent to the investigation, the investigator can make mistakes in identifying the objects, it is not enough to describe them clearly in the resolution.

For example, in one of the decisions on the appointment of the examination it was indicated that 26 invoices written in the name of the recipient K. were presented for inspection.

However, when checking the received documents, it turned out that in one of the invoices the signature of the recipient was executed not on behalf of K., but On behalf of N., and in another the recipient’s signature is completely absent.

Only after the expert is satisfied that the documents submitted to his disposal meet the requirements and can be used for a comparative study, he can proceed with the production of the expertise.

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Research of handwriting (signature) in Kiev and Ukraine – 2017

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