Search of lost connections, contacts, phone numbers. Special offer during quarantine.

Nowadays new challenges appear everyday, so we need to help and support each other. We also cannot stand aside.

Our detective agency takes care of our clients, so it suggests  a special offer for finding lost connections, contacts, phone numbers.

For price from 150 Euro, we will find people  you have lost contact with and their connections, as now you needs to stay in touch and support one another.

At the time of the promotional offer, we work without prepayment.  You just provide us with the original data, for example: full name or date of birth, or approximate period of birth (for example: summer 1988-1989), or the zodiac sign you recall, or the approximate address of residence or old inactive phone number, old place of work, or maybe just a photo and name so that we can search. We check the source information and only after we make sure that we can help you 100% will we bill you.

We can work remotely from home and as we work as private entrepreneurs the payment can be transferred to a bank account or through payment systems.

Our agency has been operating in the market for more than ten years, and has many recommendations and also recommendations from well-known individuals and legal entities.

Stay home safe and keep in touch with you relatives and friends which needs you.

“Dictum Factum” is our saying …

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