Search online scams.

Search online scams process that requires some specialized knowledge and techniques. In practice increasingly used gullible people who do not separate themselves from their private and personal information. These crimes typically are committed for mercenary motives and sometimes rowdy. Today, widespread fraud with feykovyh profiles on dating sites, looking for mastery and personal information for blackmail, fraud using personal information. Internet fraud is a type of cybercrime.

Cybercrime – a crime in cyberspace, which are carried out by a computer, which contains information about events, objects, facts, people who are in the process of traffic on local and global computer networks.

As a rule, try to get benefits through electronic payment systems. According to the laws of Ukraine electronic money (e-money) – a unit of value stored on an electronic device is accepted as means of payment by persons other than the person who produces it, is the monetary obligations of the person executed in cash or cashless form.

Do not exceed 8000 UAH amount of electronic money in the electronic device that can be replenished. The amount of electronic money which can not be replenished should not exceed 2000 USD.

So for criminals is a big advantage of using electronic money anonymously because you can open and fill up the electronic purse, and round the clock availability and speed of transactions.

Search online scams

Example: criminal group that intimidated telephone threats, blackmailing health and safety of relatives forced individuals to replenish electronic purses that they are unknown.

In this open wallet payment system, cowed by individuals made money amount of 30 000 USD.
For the legalization of funds from these electronic wallets carrying out transfers to other payment systems.
These electronic money was in exchange for non-cash assets and further transfer to replenish electronic purses international payment systems.

Search online scams should be implemented to prevent these negative phenomena in society.

Search online scams– 2017

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