Marriage swindler in Ukraine. Dating scammers acquaintance or resort at the cost to the state.

Marriage swindler in Ukraine. Late in the evening the phone rang. Hello, this is detective agency?

Upon receipt, the answer is yes, the man continued. You can listen and help to understand my story?

Yes, of course, will be happy to help you, said Vlad.

The man introduced himself, my name is Igor. Of course, you can laugh and take me for a sucker, but I need help to understand and figure out who I was so heated. I can not turn to their friends, because they do not want, what would the situation talked about the people with whom I talk, or work. I’m an entrepreneur from Poltava, I went with a friend on a resort in Dubai, where he met two girls from Kiev, Olga and Tatiana. Later, Olga and I began a romantic relationship that grew into a family and marriage.

I really fell in love with Olga, so it served any whim, jewelry, cars, gave her a real estate in Prague, bought an apartment in Kiev for her parents.

He was in seventh heaven when Olga said she is pregnant and we have a child, and after the birth of a daughter lived with the thought how to earn more and will move his family to live in Poland and give our children the best European education. I’ve wound on trips to other countries and once returning home to Poltava found that our house is empty, missing Olga, daughter and all valuable things and boom Steps.

Mobile phone is not answered, and call back to phone home in an apartment parents of Olga, I was told that the apartment is sold.

Carrying out information gathering and investigation detective agency «Exspert», it was found that all securities and real estate property including the house in Poltava, was sold by Olga forged power of attorney from Igor. Olga and Tatiana before he met with Igor, worked in one of the capital’s model agencies, co-founder is a retired KGB who served in East Germany and having a number of modeling agencies across the CIS and collecting information about politicians and businessmen, introducing them well-trained employees of its agencies.

Igor, too, knew about the fact that Olga was a double, maybe even triple citizenship, as well as it is easily my passport with Tatiana, girls were very similar to each other and one border controls did not notice the substitution of documents. Therefore, Igor was not just a pretty look for her already using their business ties in Europe. When meeting with Igor, Olga was not the one girl that he knew. She coolly declared that the child is not Igor, and the fact that it took him this compensation for the time spent with him.

Marriage swindler in Ukraine

Igor could not believe that the woman he loved him so could droop. He thought a long time, she has come under someone’s influence, and soon come to its senses and return. But as time passed, Olga not communicate, and find it to the best of Igor data no longer worked.

Marriage swindler in Ukraine – 2015

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