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Detective Kiev recommends: Recommendations for reducing the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime with the family and domestic conflicts

If there is no more obvious signs of criminal assault, but the conflict has already taken a hostile nature, in these cases, it is best not to enter into a dispute as responsible aggressiveness will only aggravate the conflict and a negative reaction on the other hand.

To defuse the situation, pretend that you agree with the arguments of the opposing party, even if you think they are not quite right, or turn the conversation to another topic, or try to turn everything into a joke.

If you want to psychologically disarm the other side and to reduce the probability of escalation of violence, try to resolve the conflict with kindness and gentleness.

This is especially true for women. In cases where these measures do not help, your best bet is to leave the room, go into another room, to the neighbors, relatives. If possible, it is not pointedly, quietly, as they say, slamming the door.

If the conflict is still going on, it must be remembered that the apparent attack the person’s threatening your life or health, you have the right to self-defense.

In a dangerous situation, you should evaluate your physical and mental capabilities. If they are not enough, it is better to give up the resistance, so as not to cause bitterness on the part of the former attack.

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to protect yourself – quickly leave the room, run out on to the landing, to the neighbors on the street. If this is not possible, then try to lock yourself in another room or area. When you have no such possibility (you hold, bind, lock, etc.), you need to try to release hit encroaching in the most vulnerable places (knee, eyes, shin bone, etc…), A man – in the groin. At the same time, try to attract the attention of bystanders loud cries for help.

Detective Kiev recommends: Recommendations for reducing the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime hooligan or mercenary motives

If you get home late at night in public transport try to sit closer to the driver and not to attract undue attention of unauthorized persons to your existing jewelry. If possible, cover their clothes or remove elements at all. For jewelry attract the attention of criminals. It is also recommended not to carry money and valuables in a purse. It is better to put them in the inside pockets of clothes

If you have to go late at night one (one), avoid poorly lit places, streets and yards, vacant lots and forest plantations. It is better to spend on the road a few extra minutes and choose a safer route than expose themselves to the risk of attack. In the evening, you need to meet your loved ones, especially women, adolescents and elderly people at a bus stop or escort them out. Such a walk before bedtime can help you and your family avoid possible trouble.

Never hesitate to turn around and check out your suspicions, if you feel that someone is following you. Caution – do not faint-heartedness and cowardice. In this case try to change the tempo of walking or direction. If your fears come true, look for a safe place crowded. Noticing in the route of one or more people that inspire you to fear, better known to go to the other side, or even the street. If in this situation you decide to run, do it as quickly as possible and sudden, with the call for help.

Join with the offender in the negotiations in the case, when you see that one (a) does not deal with them, talk with them about the purpose of the attack “Bargain”, trying in every way to gain time.

This pause usually “cool” forward and contributes to behavioral change.

In addition, do not lose hope to help others and to change the situation for the better.

If the offender attacked you on the street, you need more screaming. But keep in mind that the room cry for help does not cause a response from the people there are.

Therefore, for example, US experts recommend in these situations to shout “Fire”. It should be noted that the perpetrators are almost always prefer the darkness and silence. Do not go to them at the meeting.

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