Features of a technique of investigation of theft of bank of cells and initial planning of investigation and operational search actions.

Features of a technique of investigation of theft of bank. To date, the cases of theft of bank safes (personal deposit box), are in the vaults of financial institutions who hire people. According to the Interior Ministry, in 2015 in connection with the disappearance of their cash and valuables has been opened 8 criminal proceedings, and before that 3 started an investigation in 2014 .: the three things being Obolon district, two – in the Crypt and the Shevchenko and one in Podolsk.

Many of these cases were registered in Ukraine. Many such thefts remain latent, as victims initially aware of the impossibility of proving the availability of cash and jewelry in the cell bank and do not report the theft. Because the bank under the contract, as a rule, responsible for the integrity of the cell and the contents of the safe preservation of the contract with customers do not sign if the break is not present, and prove what you lost something almost impossible.

Thefts usually occur due to violations of safety procedures by the bank itself or with the complicity of unscrupulous bank employees. You should not exclude the guilt of the owner of a cell or a trustee of the owner of the cell contents, and only in rare individual cases the offender could act on their own without partners.

Begin planning activities must be on-site survey and administrative staff of the bank and the bank’s head of security. Subject to the establishment of contacts and interaction with the administration or security of the bank to carry out the following activities: investigating inspection warehouse, depository and locks, identification and removal of traces of fingers. Set brand lock, which is installed on a bank safe deposit box (set if necessary at the opening of the lock master key), followed by obtaining the opinion of the expert, “the expert in opening of locks,” is it possible to make a master key in the provision of the original key to the safety deposit box, and its value. Exemptions lock and key, followed by the appointment of an investigative expertise of the castle.

Learning process customer access to safe deposit boxes, check the compliance procedures applicable regulatory legal acts and international standards ISO. Complete information on the latest natural and legal persons who leased the cell from which the missing wealth before it was rented “The Client.” If possible, get a copy of the passport or data, as well as carry out operational activities according to the parties, in the event of failure of the administration to facilitate the bank’s investigation, to request such information in criminal proceedings in accordance with the norms of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Get information about the Bank’s employees, who are responsible for client access to the deposit box (check their databases in order to identify the negative, their existing financial problems and debts of alcoholic, narcotic, game dependencies and other factors can determine them of the theft) . To hold talks with representatives of the Administration and Security Bank in order to facilitate and further “working off of bank employees” on a polygraph (lie detector). In case of failure to file a petition to summon these persons in the investigation for questioning as a witness in criminal proceedings.

Implementation of the operational work of inspection (intelligence, criminal) information about the missing money and goods and materials.

Nomination and checking additional versions that have arisen during the initial investigation.
Summary and analysis of the initial results, the formation of a report on the result of which is the completion of investigations or new versions of the extension and planning of secondary investigation and operational search actions.

Timing the initial investigation of 10 working days, the investigation involved a group of 4-5 experts from different fields of knowledge including a lawyer who will provide legal assistance, analysis, and prepare legal documents/

Features of a technique of investigation of theft of bank.

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