Search swindler.

Search swindler. The agency asked the man deceived not a bona fide entrepreneur. After studying the background information, the staff of the agency, offer solutions to the problem and search for fraud. From the initial data was the name of emergency, which has long been closed copy of the passport and tax code with the words fraud.

Experts tested Inn code, it corresponds to the date, month, year of birth and sex. As a rule, the main creative solutions and achieve the goal of our experts appear in the process to obtain the payment. But in this case the standard solutions are not successful. There were not many options, this detective began to gather information about the other victims and finding his connections, through nominees by the data which it receives payment.

Most of them were alcoholics and drug dependence, which a symbolic fee agreed to open the card to pay at the bank. Inform them about the responsibility for complicity, managed to get bank statements with those of other victims, one of the last working phone number provided on which he was associated with fraud.

Check the receipt number 096 xxx xx xx, it was found that the phone is in the network, but no one raised his pipe, possibly due to the fact that hides already from new victims. Just monitoring the Internet lit up a room in the announcement on the forum http: // and was associated with another number 099 xxx xx xx.

Together with the police at the official request of financial institutions have been found other contacts, namely email хххххх, which in turn was registered Skype, with a static IP (IP address tied to a specific physical address) ISP.

As this information was able to determine the current occupation and establish the location of a rogue, call it and invited to a meeting under the legend of the business conversation with mediating the arrest and bringing to legal liability.

Search swindler

Search swindler. Search online scams should be implemented to prevent these negative phenomena in network.

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