Forensic examinations

Consultation and the provision of opinions on all kinds of forensic examinations: (handwriting, the study of handwriting and signatures, equipment forensic examination of documents, fingerprint, investigative and others.), Expert opinion of professionals who are qualified, confirmed evidence of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the issues that relate to the competence of these specialists

handwriting examination

  • identity (the question of the identity of artist handwriting or signature)
  • diagnostic (defining conditions for carrying out the handwriting or signature, determine whether the implementation of the manuscript deliberately altered handwriting, with imitation of the handwriting of another person.)
  • classification (determination of sex and age artist handwriting object

To conduct handwriting analysis handwriting and signatures are available originals and copies of documents.

Technical examination of documents

  • details of documents (erasure, etching, additional notes, plywood photos, letters)
  • examination of printed forms (establishing the method of application prints stamps, facsimile, identification stamps, facsimile, etc., with their impressions corresponding to the time the application prints of the seals, stamps the manufacturing date of the document, type and identification of computer equipment for the production with their help document
  • examination of materials documents

Economic expertise

  • study the documents of accounting, tax accounting and reporting
  • research papers on economic activity of enterprises and organizations
  • study the documents of financial and credit operations

Construction and Technical Expertise

  • Study of real estate, building materials, construction and related documents (projects, budgets)
  • determining the assessed value of construction projects and facilities

Land and Technical Expertise

  • distribution of land and determination of land use (surveying, land surveying)

merchandising expertise

  • the valuation of machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumer goods

Auto evaluation expertise

  • valuation of wheeled vehicles and the amount of damage caused to the vehicle owner

Expertise Intellectual Property

  • research related to inventions and utility models
  • research related to industrial designs
  • research related to commercial (proprietary) names, trademarks (marks for goods and services), geographical indications
  • research related to trade secrets (know-how) and innovative proposals
  • economic studies in the field of intellectual property

Depending on customer needs provide the organization and conduct of audits with the assistance of highly qualified specialists

Other types of examinations: fingerprinting (research traces of hands); trasological (study any static and dynamic traces such as traces of shoe soles, car signs of damage, etc.); ballistic studies (studies of firearms and traces of its application); Examination of bladed weapons; Portrait (identification of the person on the basis of appearance) phototechnical, expertise holograms; video recording; materials, substances and products (paints and coatings, plastics, fibrous materials, petroleum products and lubricants, glass, ceramics alcohol mixtures of soil, metals and alloys, the presence of harmful substances in the environment, substances of chemical industries and specialty chemicals; food, potent and poisonous substances); biological, computer and technology (IT- expertise), legal and other specialized expertise.