Investigations for persons and companies

Check suspicion of adultery, surveillance for a teenager, business security, financial, insurance, corporate investigations, information security, search for devices intended for secret collection of information

Private investigations

  • revealing the facts of adultery
  • latent (external) monitoring - control of movements of persons, contacts, places of visits to the provision of photo / video materials
  • assisting parents in monitoring a teenager (establishing his circle of friends, analysis of the behavior of a teenager in order to prevent negative effects - leaving home, committing offenses, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.), external control nannies, governesses, tutors while working with children
  • counter-surveillance - measures aimed at identifying surveillance
  • data verification, the statement Statement by the persons registered in the services of dating and marriage agencies
  • investigation using a polygraph (lie detector)

Business security

  • competitive economic intelligence in relation to legal persons (enterprises of all patterns of ownership)
  • work to prevent, detect and prevent fraud and tampering by the management and staff of the enterprise in relation to the owners, we are developing programs to prevent material damage resulting from theft, fraud and other domestic abuse by staff
  • detect and prevent threats to carry out personnel security companies provide conflict resolution within the organization

Information security

  • media monitoring and other public sources to identify the information on its financial and economic activities of legal entities and image owners are developing counter measures for removal and refuting false information
  • identification of technical channels of information leakage and checks the protected premises and established in them the lack of bugs (bugs), systems of secret audio and video fixation

Surveillance in Kiev and Ukraine.

If you need to determine what the person for some time, his contacts and meetings, the day’s schedule and lifestyle, an unofficial place of work or address a rented apartment, as well as other information that can be obtained only
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