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Find people

Find people in each individual case, the problem, it is necessary to begin by examining the circumstances of the loss and to determine the ultimate objective of the search, because there is a need to find a physical location, or …

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Surveillance in Kiev and Ukraine.

If you need to determine what the person for some time, his contacts and meetings, the day’s schedule and lifestyle, an unofficial place of work or address a rented apartment, as well as other information that can be obtained only
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Search by phone number.

Search by phone number. Finding information about the owners and users of mobile, fixed-line phones.

Today, there are two forms of connection to the telephone operator:

  • Contract and
  • prepayment.

These subscribers contract form, the information is protected by operators, …

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Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard services. Our company has more than 10 years, offers professional services of personal protection of individuals on the territory of Ukraine, as well as individuals of other countries who visit Ukraine for participation in conferences, workshops, business meetings, business, …

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Protection of property (safety and security).

Protection of property – a set of measures to ensure the development of any business, not just the security of businesses and personal lives of its employees, managers and business owners.

The main principle of work – early warning and …

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